About The Issaquah Press

Issaquah Press Inc. has been an affiliate of the local Seattle Times Company since July 1, 1995. The flagship newspaper, The Issaquah Press, was founded in 1900 and is the oldest newspaper on the Eastside.

The newspaper group includes The Issaquah Press; Sammamish Review, a weekly founded in 1992; SnoValley Star, a weekly founded in 2008; and Newcastle News, a monthly since 1999.

IPI also publishes Issaquah Living, Sammamish Scene and Gateway to the Cascades magazines, and is the proud publisher of the award-winning ‘Ohfishal’ Salmon Days Festival program.

The staff for all four newspapers is headquartered in Issaquah. Each newspaper has its own editorial team of professional journalists, but shares advertising and administrative staff. The papers are printed at Rotary Offset Press in Kent.

The Issaquah Press is delivered to nearly 15,000 homes each week. It is a “voluntary pay” newspaper and about 3,000 homes choose to pay to subscribe.

In-county subscriptions are $30/year or single copies are 75¢ each.

The newspaper is its own corporation and is editorially autonomous from any other Seattle Times publications.

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